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Deeply affected by the human suffering I witnessed in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and sensing that knowing things entails responsibility, I wondered whether there was some way I might help dealing with this acute and chronic epidemic of collective trauma.

Following a call and working together with doctors and volunteers at three small rural hospitals and several grassroots organizations, I have developed a collective trauma management program in the eastern DRC, a program that recognizes the relation between psychosocial trauma, collective violence and serious social problems.

Now in its third year, the Mobile Clinic Trauma Management Program (MCP) offers medical and psychosocial support to survivors of war-related sexual atrocities and torture, as well as community based vocational training projects and educational initiatives to help reintegrate survivors into their communities. Already more than 2,500 survivors have received life-saving inpatient medical care, and many more obtained ambulatory treatment through this program that reaches out to hundreds of remote villages and traumatized communities.
At this juncture the Mobile Clinic Program is in need of seed money to solidify and expand its humanitarian efforts. I appeal to you for financial support for the program – whether you are an individual or foundation. The needs are astronomical. I am also looking for donors who might help underwrite training in advanced gynecological surgery for two medical doctors working with the Mobile Clinic Trauma Management Program at two rural hospitals.

Please consider making a generous donation to Cameras without Borders in support of its Mobile Clinic Trauma Management Program. There are several ways you can help.

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